About Us

How we work

Teicos supports customers in new technological challenges, always convinced that efficient communication is the basis for processes that meet the most challenging requirements.

Its solutions foster connection, communication, automation and control between processes, things and people: Smartworking, operational flexibility, Cloud, WiFi, Cybersecurity, VoIP, GDPR, Big Data, Industry 4.0, 5G.

Never before has communication been so central to business success and the health emergency has accelerated the process.

Teicos acts as a one-stop interface in design, supply, installation and service throughout Italy and combines successful collaborations with multinationals and public entities with activities in the enhancement of the local area, engaging in industrial associations and cultural activities.

Teicos infrastructures are recognised by the most important national telecommunications operators and certified by quality certificates.


TEICOS supports companies in process digitisation

“We are continuing on an important growth path, enhancing the human side and investing in successful partnerships”.

Federico Picinelli


Our certifications

TEICOS OFFRE soluzioni a valore collaborando con i maggiori Internet Service Providers presenti sul mercato Italiano
  • Impianti di cablaggio strutturato sia in rame che in fibra ottica
  • Implementazione infrastrutture LAN e WLAN (WiFi) indoor e outdoor
  • Soluzioni di UC&C (Unified Communication & Collaboration)
  • Data Analisys
  • Sicurezza delle reti “Teicos Security Ring
– New Gen. Firewall
– Vulnerability Assessment
– Email protection
– Identity Access Management (Single Sign-On)
– End Point Protection

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